Wеlсоmе tо the Nеwѕ site fоr 48 Independent Short Film Fеѕtivаl (48ISFF)

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The 48 ISFF (Independent Short Film Festival) – a creativity-fueled competition. The 48 ISFF (Independent Short Film Festival) deadline for this year will end December 20, 2018 and by January will announce the winning 48ISFF 2018 movies. Over the years the competition has provided an amazing platform for filmmakers and acting talent to showcase their skills, many of whom have gone to excel in their film careers.

This year’s winning filmmakers from all the continents will attend the festival which screens the 48 winning short films, selected from among hundrend of films made in from more than 120 cities and countries of the world.

The 48ISFF (Independent Short Film Festival) has helped provide an international platform to some of the world’s most talented up-and-coming filmmakers. Today’s 48 ISFF winners are tomorrow’s successful feature and commercial filmmakers.